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Paul on the predicted ground track of Hurricane Gustav. Gustav would have long been extra-tropical by the time it reached the area, it could have caused a significant impact to the convention due to rain. Most of the convention's activities were curtailed as Gustav neared, and President Bush canceled his plans to attend the convention. As the hurricane moved inland, its track shifted well to the east missing the area by several hundred miles.

National post business reporters minneapolis

Or, as the subtitle of her book Invasion puts it, "how America still welcomes terrorists, criminals and other foreign menaces to our shores.

More than nine million foreigners live in the United States illegally. Tens of thousands -- including Sept.

national post business reporters minneapolis

A special "Visa Express" system with Saudi Arabia since disbanded allowed thousands of young Wahhabists from the cradle of radical Islam to obtain American visas at Saudi travel agencies.

Untold numbers of illegals including arrested Washington D. Malkin, a petite child of Filipino immigrants, made her case quietly for 20 minutes, then opened the floor for questions. What do we do about the liberal media, the first guy wanted to know.

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What do you think, came question number two, about private citizens defending our borders from Mexicans down in Arizona? Then a naturalized citizen from Quebec stood up and complained that he had gone into a neighbourhood store just that day, and the shopkeepers had the nerve to speak Spanish to each other.

Wait for another year or two or three, and forget about the English here. They will speak only Spanish It's already too late! National security concerns, which show no signs of abating since the Sept. The initial efforts are then sustained by the passion of people who are still as pissed off at the Mexicans as they were a decade ago.

In this process, the thick line differentiating Saudi terrorists from Central American farmworkers has become blurred. Victor Davis Hanson, a war historian and one of the stronger voices for assertive American military action to confront terrorism abroad, has just brought out a new book called Mexifornia: A State of Becoming.

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The opponents to his policy prescriptions in both cases being the left-leaning "multi-culturalists". CNN Moneyline anchor Lou Dobbs, who created a stir last year by insisting on referring to the War on Terrorism as the "War on Islamists," has been running a series all month on "securing our borders," during which at one point he berated Undersecretary for Borders and Transportation Asa Hutchinson: Secretary, I mean, that's the legal immigration policy, but a border policy that permitsillegal aliens a year to cross into this country is either no policy at all or it is simply a lack of enforcement of it.

For the first time in memory, immigration authorities are raiding groups of day labourers -- typically undocumented Latinos who congregate outside of home improvement stores and truck-rental agencies -- asking for papers and deporting those who don't have them.

When 82, Arabs voluntarily registered with the DHS at the agency's request, 13, were booted out of the country for not having their papers in order. Visiting reporters without previously ignored "journalist visas" are being sent on the next flight out.

Whereas INS officials let the world know their "priority" didn't involve tracking down every minor violator, the DHS is sending the exact opposite message. At a meeting I attended in June, a reporter asked leclick.58 Reporter jobs available in Apple Valley, MN on Apply to Reporter, Communication Specialist, Operations Supervisor and more!

A taste of The Mob Reporter on YouTube. Audio is an actual voice mail message left by a gangster and caught on a wiretap.

But I made it safe for work. The Training Setting.

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The Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System (MVAHCS) is an affiliated teaching facility located in the Minneapolis-St.

Paul metropolitan area. The Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists supports efforts of the Star Tribune to vigorously seek truth and report it with regard to the questionable practice of Minneapolis police encouraging the use of the tranquilizer ketamine involving people suspected of crime and others.

Archbishop Bernard Hebda speaks at a news conference following the Dec. 18 filing of a settlement agreement between the St. Paul and Minneapolis archdiocese and . The Globe and Mail’s award-winning columnists are a fundamental pillar of our coverage.

They range in their interests from politics, to world affairs, to business, to the arts, to the way we live.

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